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The Rule for Purchasing and Handing over of Real Estate

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The Rule for Purchasing and Handing over of Real Estate

The real estate is a parcel of land together with minerals, plants and premises fixed to the ground.

The following are the grounds for rights on real estate:

  • A purchase contract;
  • A gift contract;
  • Exchange contract;
  • Privatization;
  • Certificate of inheritance;
  • Recognition of property of land, homestead, etc.

Property rights on real estate are registered at the territorial registration service of the National Agency of Public Registry the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

  • Application;
  • A copy of the applicant’s ID (personal identification document, passport, residence permit etc);
  • A certificate of the right (purchase contract, gift contract, exchange contract, privatization documents, certificate of inheritance, in case of the recognition of the property rights over land (parcels and premises) an administrative act adopted by a respective commission, a characterization issued by technical registration archive, inventory plan, etc.;
  • Cadastral drawings;
  • A receipt of payment of registration service fee;
  • In case of privatization conducted by the Georgian Ministry of Economic Development a protocol confirming the purchase of land and other real estates issued by a respective territorial body (in a form of direct purchase, close or open auctions) etc.

Other documents which may be of importance to the resolution of the issue in question can also be enclosed within the application.

Legalization of the property right requires a contract to be concluded in writing and signed by the parties to be then authorized by an authorized staff of a respective registration service of the Public Registry or a notary. The contract needs to be registered at the Public Registry.

The seller of a parcel of land and other real estate is responsible for paying fees related to concluding purchase contracts, registration and submitting all necessary documents.

The parties, however, are allowed to bring changes to the condition above upon mutual agreement.

Registration of real estate will take place within 4 days after the submission of the application and the fee amounts to 50 GEL.

Primary registration of property right on agricultural land in the Public Registry is free of charge as per Resolution N231 of the Government of Georgia on 28 June 2012.