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A meeting was held in Rustavi

On November 17, 2023, the Deputy Director of the Legal Aid Service (LAS), Levan Gvenetadze, and other personnel of the Service met with the Rustavi Municipality Council, City Hall, village representatives, and the local residents. 
The Service attorneys  introduced the audience  to the LAS ongoing offers, and also,   the LAS  mobile consulting  center, established  with the support of the German government and the United Nations Development Program, as part of the initiative  "Improving the Rule of Law and Access Justice for All". " The Mobile Consulting Center" is a special van  furnished  with the appropriate tools, where people can receive one-on-one legal advice,  and have legal documents drafted,  if required. 
With the mobile consulting centre, interested parties were given one-on-one consultations by Rustavi Legal Aid Bureau expert Lali Aludauri, who made sure all the requirements were met.