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Meetings were held in Khariata and Kulevi

On March 27 of this year, the representatives of Poti Legal Aid Bureau met with the residents of Kariata and Kulevi villages of Khobi Municipality. Consultant Salome Janjghava and specialist Magda Siordia provided information to the locals about the Legal Aid Service (LAS) current services. They  also distributed information booklets and the LAS magazine "Public Advocate". The Mobile Consulting Centre was the focus of the meetings' second phase, which gave the residents of Kariata and Kulevi access to private legal consultations on matters of personal interest. 

In total, within one week, 14 meetings were held within the framework of the information and mobile consultation campaign conducted in the territory of Khobi Municipality, which was attended by about 300 people, 87 people received personal consultation at the Mobile Consulting  Center, and several legal documents were prepared on the spot.

As it is widely known already, the "Mobile Consulting Centre” of the Legal Aid Service is a special van with the specific tools, essential  for individual legal consultations and  document preparation, if needed. The Centre was  established and equipped with the  support from  the German Government, Deutsche Botschaft Tiflis, the German Embassy in Tbilisi, as part of  the UNDP Georgia project "Improving the Rule of Law and Access to Justice for All". The Center is specially designed for those villages and other settlements that are located distant from the Legal Aid Service offices.