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Service representatives participated in the meeting organized by the United Nations Children's Fund

 On April 2, representatives from the Legal Aid Service's Specialised Affairs Bureau and the Training Centre took part in the meeting, arranged by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF). Professionals and invited specialists discussed the establishment  of uniform practices and the effective enforcement of Article 26,of the Code on the Rights of the  Child.

Over 150 experts, including judges, lawyers, and social workers, participated in the EU-funded project. It should be emphasized that Article 26 of the Code governs the topic of child separation from the family, and only permits it when  the child's life, health, or safety is in urgent danger. In these cases, the decision must be made with the court's approval. 

The final meeting's attendees exchanged knowledge and firsthand knowledge of the fundamental ideas, tenets, strategies, and guidelines of cooperation. It was underlined that every child has the right to grow up in a family setting, if it serves their best interests. It is not acceptable to remove a child from the family; such action should only be taken in case of extreme circumstances and as a temporary solution.