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Welcome to the section of “Public information of Legal Aid Service website”

This section is created in accordance with 26 August 2013 Government decree N. 219 on “Electronic request of public information and proactive publication”. Here you shall have the access to proactively published public information, also, you shall be able to electronically request public information.

Please, pay attention to the menu located on the left side. Once you click “request of information” you shall find yourself on the webpage for electronic access to information.

“Public information” section is continuously updated. We shall gladly receive your comments and recommendations on the improvement of access to public information.

Public information is open and accessible to everyone except for information classified as State, commercial and private secret.

For the access to public information written application is required.

Public information shall be issued immediately or within 10 days period established by law.

The applicant has the right to choose the form in which public information shall be delivered (copy, printed or electronic version). If it exists in different forms, he/she may also inspect the original document.