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Socially Vulnerable Citizen Won the Dispute against the Revenue Service

The socially vulnerable citizen Z.O., who applied to Legal Aid Service for legal assistance, could win the dispute against the Revenue Service in court.

Due to the poor economic situation and with the aim to support his family, Z.O. had to sell clothes and shoes of his family members in front of his house. While conducting monitoring, the officer of the Revenue Service made controlling purchase and without any explanation, fined him 500 GEL. As a ground for the fine, the officer indicated the fact of violation of the registration rule as a tax payer.

Z.O. immediately appealed this decision in the higher administrative body, however, the appeal was not satisfied. In this situation, being insolvent, he addressed the state legal aid service.

The LAS Mtskheta-Mtianeti Bureau consultant, Irine Barbakadze, rendered oral consultation and legal assistance to Z.O. Namely, she drafted a lawsuit for him demanding the annulment of the fine by the Revenue Service.

As a result, the court fully satisfied the lawsuit and exempted Z.O. from paying any taxes and the fine of 500 GEL.