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Woman from Somalia Got Chance of Receiving Asylum

The woman from Somalia – I.M.D. applied to the Tbilisi Legal Aid Bureau for assistance. According to her, she was 13 years old when she moved to Saudi Arabia together with her family. In 2003, she was forced to get married. 

In 2004, she returned to Somalia together with her husband. The latter found work in the police station of Mogadishu. Later, the terrorist organization Al-Shabab started sending threats to him demanding to leave his job. Otherwise, the terrorists would kill him. The husband of I.M.D. did not act according to their demand. Unfortunately, after several months, he was killed.

Later the armed group started to persecute I.M.D. They demanded from the woman to marry to one of the members of the terrorist organizations. Otherwise they threatened to take the children from her. 

Because of the unbearable situation, I.M.D. was forced to leave the country. In 2016, she moved to Dubai, in 2017 she arrived in Georgia and applied for the asylum. Then Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons, Accommodation and Refugees refused to grant her refugee or humanitarian status.

The public attorney Giorgi Shermadini drafted a lawsuit for I.M.D. and represented her interests at court. He demanded the annulment of the individual legal act of the Ministry and issuing a new act of the same type. 

Tbilisi City Court partially satisfied the demand of the defense party. The judge annulled the decision of the Ministry dated December 29, 2017 and obliged the administrative body to study and examine new circumstances of the case and then to issue a new individual administrative legal act in the term prescribed by the law.