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With Assistance of Ioseb Jamaspishvili, Person Accused of Domestic Violence

With effort of the LAS Kvemo Kartli Bureau lawyer, Ioseb Jamaspishvili, P.A. who was accused of committing domestic violence, was fully acquitted by the court.

While indicting the charges, P.A. confessed to committing the crime. At the first appearance of the defendant before the court, the lawyer, Ioseb Jamaspishvili, submitted a motion regarding release of the defendant as there were violations while arrest, namely, the court ruling and urgency of his arrest did not exist. Tetritskharo District Court shared the position of the lawyer, released him from detention and as a preventive measure, sentenced him with payment of a bail in the amount of 1000 GEL. The prosecution party demanded imprisonment for the accused.

The defense party put all evidences under question at the pretrial session, because the accused reconciled with the victim – his wife. There were only three direct evidences in the case proving the offence committed by P.A.: the testimony of the victim G.A., as well as testimonies of the witnesses – children of the accused – S.A. and I.A. The members of the defendant’s family were explained that they had right not to testify against their husband and father. They refused to give testimony against him at the trial on merit.

While making closing speech, the lawyer Ioseb Jamaspishvili demanded acquittal for the defendant as there were no direct evidences against P.A.

Finally, Tetritskharo District Court fully shared demand of the LAS lawyer and found P.A. not guilty.