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With Assistance of Vladimer Gamrekelashvili, Internally Displaced Person Won a Court Dispute

With effort of the LAS Tbilisi Bureau lawyer, Vladimer Gamrekelashvili, G.R. who was from Tskhinvali Region, could win the dispute regarding the granting of accommodation against the Ministry of Economy and the Administration of President.

The parents of G.R. had to leave their native region in 2008 after the Russian aggression. Later, in 2012, on the basis of the Presidential order and purchase agreement signed with the Ministry of Economy, the state granted the father of G.R. – J.R. the accommodation at symbolic price with the condition to provide members of his family with living space.

According to this agreement, G.R., as a member of J.R.’s family, was deemed to have accommodation. However, in fact, G.R. did not live with his parents. Because of this, he thought he had right to demand accommodation from the state.

The Ministry of IDPs refused to remove G.R. from the list of people who had already received accommodation. That’s why G.R. addressed Legal Aid Service for consultation.

The LAS Tbilisi Bureau lawyer, Vladimer Gamrekelashvili, studied case materials and drafted lawsuit and demanded annulment of the 2012 President’s order and the 2012 purchase agreement with the Ministry of Economy. The ground for the annulment of these legal acts would become the circumstance that the purchase agreement was signed with violation of the legislation. Namely, the state property should have been granted to J.R.’s family with the consent of G.R. which did not happen.

Finally, Tbilisi City Court satisfied the lawsuit of G.R. and partially recognized these legal acts null and void. Accordingly, this created a legal ground for G.R. to demand accommodation from the state.