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With Assistance of Akaki Lomsadze, Person with Disabilities Could Receive the Inherited Property

The LAS Tbilisi Bureau lawyer, Akaki Lomsadze defended interests of D.M., who was socially unprotected and had problems with eyesight, in Tbilisi City Court regarding establishing legal fact of inheritance.

The father of D.M. deceased in 2012. He owned real estate. The notary refused to give D.M. the notice of the inherited property because the legal term of addressing the notary had already finished. Because of this refusal, D.M. was not able to register the property on his name. His every attempt to establish the legal fact of inheritance by the court ended up in vain. The court did not accept the case of D.M. because there were gaps in application and lack of the documentation.

D.M. was only able to settle this problem after he applied for assistance to Legal Aid Service. The lawyer Akaki Lomsadze, at first, identified the set of circumstances for establishing the legal fact, then helped the applicant to collect evidences proving these facts. After finding all the necessary evidences, the lawyer Akaki Lomsadze, presented to the court the statement regarding establishing the legal fact.

The magistrate judge of Tbilisi City Court accepted the statement and appointed the session where the lawyer Akaki Lomsadze represented the position of the applicant, participated in presenting and examining of the evidences, as well as introduced his explanations and questioned the witnesses.

Finally, Tbilisi City Court established the legal fact of possession of the inherited property and issues the relevant resolution.