• Court Representation on Civil and Administrative Cases

  • Court Representation on Criminal Cases

  • Consultation and Drafting of Legal Documents


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With Assistance of Public Lawyer, Family of the Blind Could Restore Social Allowance

The LAS Tbilisi Bureau lawyer, Matiko Khurtsidze, defended the family of Imeda B. whose social allowance was suspended.

With Support of Contracted Public Lawyer, Person Accused of Stealing Was Acquitted

With assistance of the LAS contracted public lawyer, Besik Talakhadze, the convicted Akaki Ch. who was accused of premeditated stealing c...

With Assistance of Public Lawyer, Person Accused of Domestic Violence Was Acquitted

The LAS Kutaisi Bureau lawyer, Pavle Kakabadze defended Badri O. who was accused of action envisaged by paragraphs B and E of part 2, art...

To whom you apply in case of legal problems?

To NGO  26 (15.57%)

To Legal Aid Service  103 (61.68%)

To private law office  38 (22.75%)