• Service of a Public Lawyer
    Accused and convicted persons registered in the unified data base of socially indigent persons and granted a score 1)70 thousand and less; 2) 1000 thousand and less, and who belong to one of the below listed categories:

  • Legal Consultations
    Legal consultations imply legal advice on any problematic issues. Submission of legal documents is not obligatory to receive legal consultations, however in order to get comprehensive consultations it is better to present documents relevant to the legal problems. In the frames of consultations LAS consultants may also draft legal documents if needed, however in that case insolvency criteria should be met.

  • Drafting of Legal Documents
    The Legal Aid Service does not implement court representation on civil and administrative cases so far. However, it does not mean that indigent persons are deprived of legal aid in such cases. They can apply to legal aid bureaus or consultation centers with the problem, where lawyers will assist them in preparing relevant legal documents.


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On-Site Consultation in Saguramo
On January 30, the LAS Mtskheta-Mtianeti lawyers carried out on-site consultation in Saguramo village. 
IDPs Living in Collective Settlements of Tserovani and Kutaisi Received Legal Consultations
On January 29, the LAS Mtskheta and Kutaisi bureaus held on-site consultations in compact settlements of IDPs. 
With Assistance of Public Attorney, 80-Year Old Woman Accused of Fraud Was Acquitted
With effort of the LAS Tbilisi bureau lawyer, Mamuka Basilashvili 80-year old Elene K. who was accused of fraud was fully acquitted by th...
To whom you apply in case of legal problems?

To NGO  19 (13.67%)

To Legal Aid Service  88 (63.31%)

To private law office  32 (23.02%)