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With Assistance of Mevlud Janjghava, Person Accused of Stealing Was Acquitted

With effort of the LAS Tbilisi Bureau lawyer, Mevlud Janjghava, A.L. who had previous conviction for stealing and was accused of secretly taking possession of other’s movable object, was fully acquitted by the court.

According to the presented charge, A.L. stole bicycle the cost of which was 200 GEL. This meant that the victim got serious damage. As a preventive measure, A.L. was sentenced to imprisonment.

At the court trial stage, the lawyer Mevlud Janjghava made focus on the circumstance that the evidences presented by the prosecution were very weak and were not enough to prove the blame of A.L.

As the defense party affirmed, despite the fact that the police seized bicycle from A.L. and represented a video footage showing how the defendant moved with the bicycle at the place of crime, the situation was otherwise. Namely, A.L. bought the bicycle from the unknown person, who in the opinion of the lawyer, was a theft.

The Lawyer Mevlud Janjghava also paid attention to the circumstance that the space form where the object was stolen, was open and accessible for everyone. Accordingly, every person could take the bicycle. Besides, the footage did not indicate the direct fact of stealing. What is more, the video shows that the defendant returned to the place of crime. According to the lawyer, it was the moment when L.A. noticed a technical problem on the bicycle and tried to return the object.

Considering that the investigation did not take samples of smell and the expertise in order to identify the person was not conducted, the lawyer Mevlud Janjghava demanded acquittal for the defendant.

Finally, Tbilisi City Court fully shared the position of the LAS lawyer and rendered a verdict of acquittal for A.L.