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With Assistance of Public Lawyer, Two Persons Accused of Committing Robbery and Murder Were Acquitted

With effort of the LAS Poti Bureau lawyer, Davit Gogua, two persons accused of committing robbery and murder in groups were fully acquitted by the court. The both defendants had been avoiding appearance at the law enforcement bodies for many years..


Person with the IDP Status Won Dispute with the Ministry of Economy and the Administration of the President

With an effort of the LAS Tbilisi Bureau lawyer, Abel Gegia, Kordiko S., an IDP from Abkhazia, could won the dispute with the Ministry of Economy and the Administration of the President at the court of the first instance. The case was regarding the g..


Mother of Missing Soldier Won Dispute with the State Service of Veterans Affair

Anna B. who wanted to acquire the status of the member of a missing soldier of the war for restoration of the territorial unity of the country and on this basis to receive the monthly state compensation of 1000 GEL, applied to the LAS Tbilisi Bureau ..


With Support of the Public Lawyer, Administrative Proceedings against Person Accused of Taking Drugs Was Ceased

Lasha Sh. applied to the LAS Kvemo Kartli Legal Aid Bureau for assistance. The administrative proceeding was launched against him for the fact of taking drugs. Lasha Sh. faced administrative arrest up to 15 days. The LAS Kvemo Kartli Bureau lawyer..


A Minor Probationer Was Saved from Imprisonment

The LAS Zugdidi bureau lawyer, Marine Mikava defended an IDP from Abkhazia, minor Enrike Ts. who was serving a 3-year conditional sentence for committing a group robbery. While registering in the probation bureau, Enrike Ts. was explained his righ..


Person Accused of Purchase-Transporting of Narcotics in a Big Amount Was Acquitted

The LAS Tbilisi Bureau attorney, Merab Mamuladze, defended a citizen of Turkey, Shefik S. who faced a life imprisonment for purchase of narcotics in a big amount and transporting them from Georgia. According to the investigation, the citizens of T..


With Assistance of Public Attorney, Criminal Prosecution against the Minors Was Stopped

With assistance of several attorneys of Legal Aid Bureau, criminal prosecution against the accused minors was stopped. With the help of Mtskheta Bureau lawyer, Aluda Buchukuri, the minor, Mirza M. was diverted from criminal responsibility. He w..


With Assistance of Public Attorney, the Supreme Court Acquitted the Convict Accused of Robbery

With effort of the LAS Kvemo Kartli Bureau lawyer, Ioseb Jamaspishvili, Ramin M.O. was sentenced to 9 years of restriction of liberty for committing a group robbery, was acquitted by the Supreme Court. Bolnisi District Court found Ramin O. guilty ..


Citizen Could Arrange Documents Necessary for Privatization of Her Apartment

Lena K. addressed the LAS Mtskheta bureau for a consultation. She wanted to privatize her apartment. Her problem became a flaw in documents. In particular, names and surnames of her family members written in the order did not coincide with the data o..


Mitigated Punishment for Woman Convicted of Stealing

The LAS Zestaphoni bureau attorney, Patman Arzikiani, defended interests of Zaira D. accused of stealing. Zestaphoni District Court found the accused guilty and sentenced her 3 years of restriction of liberty. The convict had to serve the half of ..